Hey, welcome to tauló we are Susanna and Jaume

We are Susanna and Jaume, two people with a restless, enterprising and very creative spirit, eager to create different, original, beautiful, functional and above all, sustainable objects. In TAULÓ, we are very lucky to live and create in a wonderful place, in the countryside, in constant contact with nature. Surely, the change from living in different cities to live in a village, is the best decision we have made in our lives, besides being the one that has most marked and connected us with ourselves.

We love our land, our sea, in short, nature and we firmly believe that it is our duty to take care of it and protect it, that in our hands and in our decisions and actions, lies the future of our planet. We like to enjoy the moment, stop, breathe, close our eyes, feel the air, feel the rain.

Aspects such as simplicity, harmony and honesty are very important in our lives. Another of our characteristics is that we do not get carried away by the "modern" and "current", more ephemeral and fleeting. But that does not mean that we forget one very important thing, the details, and that is that we are very detail-oriented.

Let's start from the beginning, though!

At one point in life, two people from different but at the same time adjacent worlds came together, with their different life and professional experiences. We mixed all the experience of both and formed a business project of decorative solutions, in which we have been working for more than 10 years. During this time, we have designed and carried out many decorative projects with natural and noble materials, among them, wood. Wood is our favorite, it is such a lively and versatile material, that we love it to be the protagonist of this story.

And then suddenly, stop. Everything stops.

But we keep thinking... It was then, in 2020, when we started to develop this new project, at a crucial and determining moment for our society, when we lived through an extraordinary situation that paralyzed the world for everyone. In that economic standstill, creativity flowed more than ever and after a crazy brainstorming, we entered into this adventure.

At that time, we knew of the existence on the market of wooden cases, we even had one for my iPhone X! However, we asked ourselves this question, are they really wooden cases, is it natural wood, are they sustainable cases? So we started researching and gathering a lot of information. Above all, we were struck by the fact that the holsters are being touted as "Real Wood Holsters''. However, they are not. In short, we had all the ingredients to put in the shaker and all that was left was to prepare a good cocktail.

Our main goal in developing the wooden cases has been to create a unique design piece, super functional and sustainable, which in turn, enhance the beauty of your iPhone as well as provide an experience of convenience and comfort while using the phone. Comfort obtained thanks to its design in terms of shape and the material chosen: wood.






The very etymology and origin of the word wood sheds light on its importance as a material for human beings. Thus, wood comes from the Latin materia and materia in turn comes from mater, mother.

And we ask you this question: how many hours do you use your cell phone a day? A lot, right? Well, we encourage you to touch wood and feel better. Touching wood is more important for our health than we imagine. Using wooden objects has a positive impact on people's emotional states and psychological health. Touching wood is well-being, when we touch it we enter a relaxed state that brings us back to the sensations of yesteryear, bringing us closer to our original state, in short, to our natural state.

What do we really want: to look natural or to be natural? In TAULÓ we are clear, we don't want to look or seem, we want to be natural and we invite you to be natural too.

Go back to your origin, go back to the natural.